I build interactive stories
at Bergens Tidende.

I have worked for Tagesspiegel and OpenDataCity.

September 2017

Real-Time Election Dashboard

For election night, our “Wahl-Spezial” turned once again into a fast, live-updating results dashboard – this time with instant translations in German and English.

August 2017


Search and filter all 2500 politicians in the running for Germany’s 2017 general election for the seven major parties.

I'm especially happy with the speed of the application and with the auto-generated human-friendly filter descriptions.

August 2017


A visual journey through eight decades of elections in Germany featuring campaign posters, election results, interviews with first-time voters in each election and Tagesspiegel front pages.

May 2017

Coalition Tracker

Is Berlin’s new state government keeping its promises? And how digital is Berlin? We track the coalition’s progress as it tries to turn Berlin into Germany’s digital capital.

To make it easy for editors to update the tracker, the underlying data is pulled from a Google Spreadsheet.

December 2016

Data Science & Stories Website

A multilingual website for our data team at Der Tagesspiegel, aimed at external clients.

Building it in React allowed me to make navigation instantaneous. Thanks to React’s server-side rendering, the site is fully usable without JavaScript.

September 2016

Real-time Election Dashboard

We built the fastest election dashboard of any news site for the 2016 local elections in Berlin. We published intermediate results earlier than even the electoral authorities and our auto-updating website worked over spotty EDGE connections.

July 2016


Inspired by the popular Wahl-o-Mat that helps voters decide for whom to vote and encourages them to explore parties’ positions on issues they care about, we decided to offer a local version for Berlin’s twelve boroughs – and one that responds more quickly to user input.

December 2015

Sound of Berlin

What does Berlin sound like? A long-form interactive feature including a custom-built audio player with a live waveform visualisation and a virtual audio tour that lets users listen in at any point along a path on a map.

Nominated for the Deutscher Reporterpreis 2016.

July 2015


What do lobbyists have to say to the people who govern our lives? A freedom-of-information request uncovered hundreds of email threads between lobbyists and officials from Germany’s Ministry of the Interior. To make the plain-text .eml files and the embedded attachments more accessible, I turned them back into a mock email app.

January 2015

Newspaper Death Clock

A tongue-in-cheek prediction of half lives for nearly 1000 German print publications. As unscientific and provocative as it is, it also sparked a lot of reaction in the media.

November 2014

Train Strike

What does it look like when the trains stand still? After the longest rail strike Germany had seen to date, I plotted gigabytes’ worth of data from Deutsche Bahn’s train tracking app onto a time-lapse map view and compared it to the week before.

September 2014

Side Incomes

My first ever published project visualised the incomes earned by German MPs alongside their parliamentary duties.